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We are an official Registration Agent. But more important, we ensure that your task is as easy as it can be.
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5 minutes
The process takes you not more than 5 minutes.
Easy to follow
You are guided throughout a simple process in 5 easy steps.
Secure data
Your personal data is secure in our data centre in Switzerland. Only necessary data is exchanged with GLEIF.
Full support
We support you through the initial registration process and in maintaining your LEI number.
Do it right the first time
Being the leading provider in Switzerland is the result of our work but not the target. We work hard to be leading in client experience and to take your burdens away. Our process will take you maximum 5 minutes per entity with basic preparation steps (see below). You can add multiple entities in one order. We have no limitations on countries covered. We do everything that we get it done right the first time.
Prepare yourself
Prepare an extract of your commercial register and a power of attorney (if needed).
Check existing LEI
Enter your company name and country to check if you already have an LEI (you can only have one).
Add company data
Enter the information needed for the company (published by GLEIF) and upload your power of attorney (if needed).
Add parent data
Do you have a parent company and you want to report it to GLEIF? The system guides you through this step.
Payment method
You have 3 methods for immediate execution (credit card, twint) or wire transfer (the order is executed when payment is received and processed).
Simple, Straight Pricing
We may not have the cheapest but we have the best offering in the market. Don’t forget, we are the leading provider in Switzerland for a reason. Your time spent is also money.
Register LEI
Following our proven 5 steps approach, you obtain the LEI for your company for the first time (LEI valid for 1 year).
CHF 79.-
Renew your LEI
After one year we will ask you if you would like to extend your LEI for another year. You think that obtaining a LEI was easy? This process takes you 2 minutes.
CHF 60.-
Transfer your LEI
You would like to change your LEI provider and join us?
You have one company with us and would like to register all other entities? Welcome and thank you for your trust.
CHF 0.-
Update your data
You have a change in address or other relevant data? Simply report to us and we will update with GLEIF.
CHF 0.-